Lab Research Agenda


The eMotion and eCognition (eMoteCog) Lab is focused on human-technology interaction and the ways technology can improve human experience.  Currently, we have several main research areas:

  1. Living inside of technology: Do you inhabit technology, like cyberspace and your mobile devices?  Some people do.  How does it change them?
  2. Being the operator of a Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPAs, aka drones): These operators inhabit their technology. What psychological effects does that have on them during their difficult missions?
  3. Online predators: How do they hide behind technology? Why do they do what they do and how can they be discovered?
  4. Using Wii Fit and gaming technology for helping: How can this technology be used for measuring and rehabilitating balance in people with strokes or other balance disorders?
  5. Using gaming technology for assessment: Can you select pilots based on the cognitive and motor performance they display during a computer-based game-like, test situation?  How reliable and valid is the game-like test?
  6. Working or interacting with robots and avatars: How human-like are they?  How do people react to them?
  7. The dynamics of human imitation: Why are people are compelled to do what they see others do?  Is there a way around this compulsion?

Opportunities for Undergrads in the Lab


 In our research, we employ a variety of state-of-the-art technologies including:

  • Remotely-piloted aircraft simulators
  • Semi-autonomous humanoid and non-humanoid robots
  • Full body motion capture stage
  • High-end audio-visual recording systems
  • Gaming peripherals like Wii-fit and Kinect

Undergraduate Research Assistant asks in the lab involve:

  • Helping run participants
  • Assisting in the design and implementation of new experiments
  • Analyzing data
  • Working with interesting equipment
  • Weekly lab meetings to discuss research

Number of Lab Research (PSY 27000-06) credits offered: 1-3


Needed Qualifications: Interest, enthusiasm, and a good work ethic.  Willingness to have fun.  We encourage students to work in the lab multiple semesters.